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Let the Music Play...

When you choose Let the Music Play to provide the entertainment at your event, you're choosing a DJ that has a deep knowledge of music and cutting edge, state of the art equipment. Whether you're planning a wedding, celebration, party, or corporate event; I am here to make your event truly memorable and ensure it will be talked about for years to come. 

I have graced countless stages, from hosting my own radio show on Youthcom.FM to headlining iconic parties. I have played at events, nights and festivals including Youthanasia, National Anthems, Faith, Katedral (Mallorca), Party in the Park, Bridge Bash, Lakota, Zodiac (Poland) and Fashion (Portugal). I have also held local residencies at AIR bar and the Pig & Drum in Worcester. Whilst these were mainly dance events, a genre i still have a passion for, I am now a multi genre DJ and play all of the music from all of the era's. I now enjoy creating mash ups of different genres and testing my mixing skills by trying to mix literally anything together into a seamless DJ mix.


 My experience and deep understanding of various genres allow me to create you a truly personalized and magical musical journey at each event.I am very versatile and am able to create an Ibiza style seamless mix for hours or a create a fun party atmosphere utilising the microphone, and tunes from the 70s and 80s. I have good musical knowledge and do my utmost to play the music each customer wants to hear. Its not about me... its about you!


I am a committed professional DJ who will carefully curate a playlist filled with the tunes you love, ensuring that your event is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack. From nostalgic classics to contemporary hits, I will curate a seamless flow of music that will keep your guests on their feet and the dance floor rammed throughout the night.


Let my expansive knowledge of genres and mixing skills elevate your party into an extraordinary experience filled with joy and excitement. Ready to let the music speak volumes at your event? Book me (DJ Jan Blazak) today and let's make your special occasion unforgettable and something to cherish.

Why choose us for your special occasion?

Because we will go above and beyond to make your celebration memorable and unique...


I will work tirelessly to ensure your wishes and musical choices are represented as accurately as possible. I offer a range of packages to suit all budgets from a small and tidy rig for those on a limited budget to full on super show with bells attached. I can provide a small light and sound system for a quiter reception... I can raise  the roof with intelligent lighting and dry ice... I can provide sound and microphones for your speech's... I can MC your day for you... I can provide huge illuminated LOVE letters.

The choices are all yours... its YOUR special day


I specialise in Parties. I excel. The foundation is the most cutting edge sound and lights you have ever seen on a mobile show.

The music will accurately reflect your choices whilst also making sure I keep the dance floor heaving. I can host all sorts of parties in all sorts of styles. I acn mix seamlessly for five hours without saying a thing... I can be on the mic before and after every song creating a fun party atmosphere and anything in between. I have played birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, Christmas, Halloween, Corporate and even a Bah Mitzvah. I can deliver whatever it is you are looking for.


As you would expect from a really experienced DJ.. I've seen and done it all!  From playing on outdoor stages to hosting radio to playing festivals to running corporate Xmas parties... I really do have direct experience of doing it all. However as with everything I do, I listen to YOU as the customer  and make sure I get it right and deliver something memorable which exceeds your expectations.

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